God and Grandpa

We love receiving books in the mail for us to review! This particular book stood out from the rest in many ways! I already knew the author Justin Farrell as we had a Skype dialogue last year about a Father-Daughter Conference he was organizing and looking to bring to different cities across North American. Justin and I have several things in common: we are both in our 30s, we are both happily married, we both have 2 kids (an older daughter and a younger son), we both are dad bloggers based out of Vancouver (my Vancouver in Canada and his Vancouver in the United States), we have both been to Alaska (us on our Honeymoon Cruise and him by car and plane), and finally we are both passionate about our personal faith in God!

So, what are some of the things about the book that stuck out?

First was the title, “God and Grandpa”– I loved the alliteration and I knew this book would be first and foremost about relationships!

Secondly was the picture on the front cover – a beautiful turquoise lake straddled by a gorgeous mountain-drop and a winding road inviting the reader on a journey ahead!

Thirdly was the size (short and sweet) – I actually ended up reading the entire book in a 2 hour sitting (it was a nice, light, captivating read)!

Fourthly was the theme – I have been to over 40 countries and I am passionate about travel, adventure, and exploring this beautiful world we live in! Plus, I love road trips!

In the book “God and Grandpa”, Justin shares the life-changing road trip he took 2 years ago from Vancouver, Washington through British Columbia, Yukon, and Alaska! It was an intense 11 day journey to celebrate his grandpa’s 80th birthday and his own 30th birthday. The 50 year age gap was quickly brought close by the few feet of space that separated grandpa and grandson in the car and the thousands of miles of driving that brought them closer together both in physical proximity and emotional connection. I like how Justin included several pictures of the journey interspersed with the writing so the reader can picture himself or herself doing the same journey! It certainly made me want to jump in the car and drive up North until I hit the beautiful state of Alaska!

This week, I had the opportunity to interview the author Justin Farrell about what wisdom he has learned from being a dad, the psychology of fatherhood, his blog called “Courageous Vancouver Dad”, the journey to Alaska, and finally the process of writing and publishing the book!

Here’s a link to get a copy of the book!

God and Grandpa – CreateSpace

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