Book-O-Beards – A Wearable Book

Have you heard of a wearable book?

We certainly hadn’t…until we got a copy of Book-O-Beards for us to review on Daddy Blogger!

This such a creative way to read a book! Basically, there are 5-6 characters all with different beards and a short phrase for you to read to your kids! We had so much fun reading the phrase and passing the book around from Rianne to Ryan and then back to me! They have 4 books in the set (one about masks, one about teeth, one about hats, and this one about beards)! I really like these kinds of books because they incorporate humour, reading, creativity, play-time, and more all-in-one!

Here’s our video review of me reading the book to Rianne and Ryan!


IMG_1930 IMG_1938IMG_1931