Canadian Dad Bloggers

When I first started my blog in December 2012, I thought I was one of the only dad bloggers in the world. It felt like I was a little daddy blogger in a vast ocean of mommy bloggers. Luckily, I have started to find more and more dad bloggers online. There is even an active Dad Bloggers Group on Facebook . However, I have yet to find a definitive list of Canadian dad bloggers so I have created one!

Here are some of the Top Dad Bloggers in Canada:

1) Art of Dad

2) Big Daddy Kreativ

3) Calgary Daddy

4) Canadad

5) Canadian Dad

6) Casey Palmer

7) Cosmic Dad

8) Dad Camp

9) Daddy Blogger

10) Dads Round Table

11) Enviro Dad

12) Fathering from Home

13) Fodder 4 Fathers

14) Home Made Dad

15) I Used To Have Hair

16) I’m a Hockey Dad

17) I’ve Become My Parents

18) Like a Dad

19) Live from Waterloo

20) Men Get Pregnant Too

21) Moose is Loose

22) Nerd Incognito

23) Not Another Dad Blog

24) Puzzling Posts

25) Shooting the Breeze

26) Superman Dad

27) The Naked Dad

28) Two Minute Time Out

29) Urban Daddy

30) Vancouver Dad

31) Work from Home Dad

32) Wormald Words

Please let me know if I have missed any Canadian Dad Bloggers by leaving us a comment below and I’ll add them to the list!

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