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3 Success Strategies for Dads in 2018

3 Success Strategies for Dads in 2018 Written by guest blogger Joel Gardner It is a new year - a time to create positive changes. In this blog post, I share how to improve your own success as a father (or mother). With my incredible wife, I have used these strategies to help our family grow, to perform as a professional, and even write a book on how to get the most important things done in … [Read more...]

Our Daddy Blogger World Tour Schedule

We started our #DaddyBloggerWorldTour on Tuesday, Dec 6, 2016 and have been documenting each and every day of our travels. This document was originally only intended to be private for our family to remember all the details of our trip. However, my wife encouraged me to share it on our blog so our readers could see the finer details of the itinerary of a World Tour. So, as usual...I listened to my … [Read more...]

Visiting Over 100 Cities in Under 1 Year

WOW! Until I started writing this blog post, I hadn't fully realized how many cities we had been to over the course of this year! Yes, I am counting countries (even those are hard enough to keep track of)! Currently, we are at 20 countries and 4 continents on this trip and 74 countries on 6 continents overall. I guessed that we had been to over 5o cities but once I started tracking them all, we … [Read more...]