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Our Daddy Blogger World Tour Schedule

We started our #DaddyBloggerWorldTour on Tuesday, Dec 6, 2016 and have been documenting each and every day of our travels. This document was originally only intended to be private for our family to remember all the details of our trip. However, my wife encouraged me to share it on our blog so our readers could see the finer details of the itinerary of a World Tour. So, as usual...I listened to my … [Read more...]

Digital Nomad Mastery – Virtual Summit

We are excited to announce our upcoming Digital Nomad Mastery - Virtual Summit at the end of November. It was this time last year that our family was still in Vancouver, BC, Canada (in the midst of a gloomy winter). We were dreaming and desiring to travel the world. The key is to move from dreaming to doing. Finally, that dream came true on Dec 6, 2016 (Our Dream Day) - the day we followed … [Read more...]

The Charm of Chile

Argentina is alluring, Bolivia is beautiful, and Chile is charming! We had the chance to spend 3 weeks in Chile visiting San Pedro de Atacama, Santiago, and Valparaiso traveling overland from Bolivia into Chile and then into Argentina. Chile is a loooong country so it takes a loooong time to get from North to South so plan for really loooong bus rides or be prepared for some flights. We love … [Read more...]