Archives for January 2016

YVR Travellers Launch Party

After running several #YVRBrands under the "YVR Media Group" umbrella, it was a joy to launch our latest group called YVR Travellers! Here are the YVR Brands that are already operating: YVR Dads YVR Bloggers  YVR Foodies YVR Photographers   YVR Masterminds   We just launched our #YVRTravellers Meetup Group based in Vancouver, Canada! So, if you live in … [Read more...]

Reflections on Fatherhood

Chris Dissler is the father of two kids under the age of five, which presents itself with a great number of daily fodder for his writing, so he started a blog called Wine ’N Kids, where he drinks wine and talks about being a parent. A man of many hats at his office job during the day, at night he become a self-proclaimed Daddy Play-Gym and best friend to his kids. The only true wish he has is for … [Read more...]