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Profdy Cleaning Services

Have you figured out what is causing you stress? Is it lack of exercise? Lack of sleep? Poor diet? Overworking? How about your living environment? As parents of 2 young kids (3 year old Rianne and 1.5 year old Ryan), one of our major stress triggers is not having a clean living environment. I must admit, with kids, it's super tough to ensure they always eat on the dining table, that they … [Read more...]

18th Amendment Barber Shop

Men's Grooming is a hot trend lately and Daddy Blogger is always looking to review the best grooming places and recommend them to our readers!! This week, we got invited to 18th Amendment Barber Shop in the heart of  Gastown to do a review of their recently-opened shop. Immediately, as I was walked in, I was amazed by the 1920s ambience (hence the name 18th Amendment referring to the Prohibition … [Read more...]

Vancouver Escape Rooms

Team building, creative thinking, and immersive entertainment? Where can you do all of these together? Escape Rooms...of course!! One of the things we love to do at Daddy Blogger is showcase, highlight, and analyze some of the latest societal trends. For this blog review, we spent 5 days visiting all of the different Escape Rooms in Vancouver: that's 15 Escape Rooms in 5 days, averaging … [Read more...]