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Easter Gift for your Wife

Easter Gifts for Your Wife Holidays are a fun time and worth the celebration. The holidays between New Year’s and Memorial Day are few and far between, so cherish the ones you have. No matter the size of the gift, I like to surprise my wife with something special as often as I can. With all the bunnies and Easter egg hunts and jelly beans, Easter is typically thought of as a kid-friendly … [Read more...]

Pampr Mobile Massage

Having two young kids is super stressful especially lately since they are fighting more and more! I finally understand parents who yell at their kids "Stop fighting", "Don't hit your brother", "Give it back to him", etc. If any of you who are reading have young kids and have a solution/advice for fighting siblings, let me know! A couple of weeks ago, my wife and I finally had a stress-free … [Read more...]

Hey Kids! Let’s Talk about Money!!

“Hey Kids! Let’s Talk About Money!!”    This is a guest blog by Bryan Sommer, new dad and lifelong financial literacy advocate, discussing ways to talk to your kids about money at any age. Bryan works as Vice-President of Interconnect Financial Services in Surrey, B.C, which was awarded 'Best Boutique Financial Planners-Canada' and 'Best Financial Planner in South Surrey & White Rock’ in … [Read more...]

Shoppers Drug Mart #GetTheMostOutOfLife

A new month marks a new beginning!! For the month of March, I am grateful to be working a new campaign with Shoppers Drug Mart called #GetTheMostOutOfLife! Shoppers, whom we regularly go to since there is one only 3-5 mins drive away from us, has just launched Life Brand, a new info hub for families, parents, and individuals looking to be better informed on how to best take care of their health … [Read more...]

Healthy Family Expo 2015

Last year, I had an amazing time at the Healthy Family Expo!! We had a Daddy Blogger and YVR Dads Booth at the expo to connect with all the dads were at the Expo. Yes, there were lots of dads and not all of them were just carrying bags around. I had some amazing conversations with dads-to-be, new dads, and dads with multiple kids sharing our experiences as fathers! Quite a few people picked up a … [Read more...]

Media Highlights – Social Media Mastery Conference

It's already been one week since our massive Social Media Mastery Conference which had 215 attendees! We got back all of our Media Highlights back from our Social Media Mastery Conference last week!! These highlights include our Official Photo Album, Video Highlights, and Podcast Interviews! Feel free to TAG yourselves in the Photo Album and share our Video Highlights and Podcast … [Read more...]

OneDay Instant Movie Maker App

With over 2000 videos, over 500,000 views, and over 500 subscribers on our YouTube Channel, you can say we are definitely huge fans of capturing our kids on video! Ever since that the first moment our daughter entered the world until now with our kids 2.5 years old and 1 year old, we have captured all the important memories for Rianne and Ryan to look at when they are older! Here is the first … [Read more...]