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PNE Fair 2014

Every summer, we have a family tradition to go to the annual PNE Fair (the last 2 weeks of summer)! We have been going since Anne and I started dating back in 2010! Here's a look back at how much has changed in the past 5 years of us going to the PNE: 2010 - Ricky & Anne Dating 2011 - Just Married 2012 - Rianne first PNE 2013 - Rianne was 1 Year Old 2014 - Ryan's first PNE We'll … [Read more...]

Bali Thai Indonesian Cuisine

The last time I visited Indonesia was in Summer of 2004 and I absolutely loved the food, the culture, and the people during my trip! So, whenever, I get a chance to try out some Indonesian food, I jump at the opportunity. Bali Thai Indonesian Cuisine opened up its' brand new location at Tinseltown only 3 weeks ago. I decided to try out the 3 options meal which comes with coconut rice, beef … [Read more...]

Interview with Dr Yang

I have interviewed sports athletes, movie actors, TV stars, authors, entrepreneurs, and more on Daddy Blogger. However, I had never interviewed a Doctor...until I had the chance to sit down with Dr Yang at his clinic in New Westminster. The topic was an important one (yet a somewhat taboo one): Urology. So, here we were: a Daddy Blogger and a Doctor of Urology....not the match that you would … [Read more...]

#YVRBloggers @ WildPlay

What an amazing day out at WildPlay in Maple Ridge! A group of 20 local bloggers made our way to the Fraser Valley to spend the day jumping around trees and acting like monkeys...literally and metaphorically! It was surprising because no one from our group had visited WildPlay before - we were all total and complete newbies. We started out with a debrief by Wendy Mein - the General Manager of … [Read more...]

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

It's amazing how viral a campaign can get through the power of social media! In the last 2 weeks, thousands of people have been dumping ice buckets over their heads to raise awareness and funds for ALS / Lou Gehrig's Disease. Here's our Daddy Blogger family doing the ALS #IceBucketChallenge! … [Read more...]

YVR Foodies Summer Picnic at Fleetwood Gardens

This August, YVR Foodies made a trip out to Fleetwood Gardens in Surrey to check out the Labyrinth built by Diana Ng! After a brief intro by Ricky Shetty & Diana Ng, we had the foodies introduce themselves, then we had a group picture, and took turns walking the Labyrinth! After that it was time to try out the delicious potluck picnic! Have … [Read more...]

Blog Mastery Workshop @ The Village Space

Another successful Blog Mastery workshop is in the books! We held our third workshop today at the Village Space in Maple Ridge. Last month was at MWorkLab and the month before that was at Olympic Village! Our speakers were: 1) Ricky Shetty - Blog Monetization 2) Rebecca Beaton - Blog Mission/Vision/Values 3) Kennett Kwok - Social Media 4) Nadeem Ahmad - Email Marketing 5) Emily Chow - SEO 6) … [Read more...]

Diner en Blanc Vancouver

For the second year in a row, I was able to attend the Diner en Blanc pop-up white part dinner extravaganza! Every year, Diner en Blanc organizes a surprise event at a secret location - attendees are only told the venue one hour pre-event! The first year in Vancouver was at Jack Poole Plaza and last year was at Science World. This year, it was at the picturesque David Lam Park in Yaletown! We … [Read more...]

#DateNight at Air Supply

To have a strong marriage, it's essential to have regular date nights with your spouse. Since we have 2 kids under 2, my wife and I have been finding it hard to invest the quality time that is necessary to build and grow a relationship! Tonight, we decided to leave both Rianne and Ryan at grandma's and go on a date night to see the Air Supply Concert at the PNE! We loved the music, audience … [Read more...]

YVR Bloggers on Novus TV

Excited to announce that YVR Bloggers is going to have our new show called "The YVR" on Novus TV! Here's a sneak peek of how it will look like: Stay tuned for the big launch party this September! :) … [Read more...]

Hardbite Kettle-Cooked Potato Chips

Our family is always looking to support local family-run businesses such as Hardbite which is based in the Fraser Valley! Hardbite focused on producing healthy, gluten-free, non-GMO, cholesterol-free, no trans-fat, kettle-cooked potato chips. They focus on "seed to snack." The potatoes are grown between Delta and Chilliwack while the factory is Maple Ridge (so they only cook the potatoes they grow … [Read more...]