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The Overview Method by Dr Nima

Like everyone, I deal with various issues in my day to day life such as resolving conflicts with my wife, spending enough quality time with my kids, and making more money through my businesses. A lot of these issues can be quite stressful so when I hear about "The Overview Method" by Dr Nima, I had to check it out! Dr Nima started and need the day with some dancing. In fact, the subtitle of the … [Read more...]

Young Families Stepping Stones Program

I got invited to cover the Gala at the Garden in support of Young Families Stepping Stones Program tonight at Van Dusen Gardens! I first heard about this program from the Director of the Single Dads Program and have been wanting to find out more info for months. It was an inspirational evening of connection, entertainment, and speeches with a bigger grand purpose to support young families living … [Read more...]

Midori Uchi Green Home Project

Having lived in Japan, I was immediately drawn to the name "Midori Uchi" (which means "Green Home" in Japanese). Being a green family, of course, we want to live in as green of a home as possible. However, the team at Midori Uchi have taken it once step further (or in their case, quite a few super-steps further)! Midori Uchi is one of Canada's only Net-Zero homes (producing more energy than it … [Read more...]

YVR Masterminds – Launch Party

Today was the global launch party of YVR Masterminds (Wednesday, March 28, 2014 from 3-5 pm). Almost 20 curious entrepreneurs attended our Info Session at our home (the Daddy Blogger Global HQ) to see what our brand new Masterminds System was all about. My friend Aaron D'Souza has been studying and researching personal development for the past 2 years and focused specifically on developing a … [Read more...]

Granville Island Kid’s Market

We took our kids to Granville Island Kid's Market today. Rianne got to play lots of fun games and got 95 tickets to redeem for some great prizes! We have been to the Kid's Market several times before (e.g. Trick-or-Treating for Rianne's first Halloween, Rianne's second haircut, and other times just to go shopping at all the awesome kid's stores). However, we never played in the games arcade until … [Read more...]

The Social Media Safe Dad

This is a guest blog post by Sean Smith who writes about being a Social Media Safe Dad: The Social Media Safe Dad Being a Dad is awesome. It is also a challenge, in today’s world of technology and the global influences attached to that technology. Things like wireless Internet access, mobile devices and Social Media, make protecting your child from unhealthy influences, has become a real … [Read more...]

Socialight Conference

Looking forward to attending and promoting the first Socialight Conference in Vancouver. After running the event successfully in Toronto for the last few years, the Socialight team is bringing this life-changing conference to Vancouver Check out their awesome promo video: … [Read more...]

Rock Your Financial Plan

Rock music, comedy, and finances? Yes, I used those words in the same sentence! This weekend, I had the opportunity to attend Rock Your Financial Plan which literally brought financial literacy education together with rock music, stand comedy, and some nice surprises. After going to Kevin Gebert's Book Launch for Financial Fotographs a few months ago, I knew this event would be even better and … [Read more...]

Texx Big Burger

A $23, 2 pound burger? Yes, it is possible to get a burger that big at Texx Big Burger in Surrey! My friend David Dyer does Social Media Management for Texx so when I saw a post from David on Facebook, I had to find out more! This weekend, I was already in Surrey for a "Rock Your Financial Plan" Workshop so I thought I might as well try out this famous Burger Shop on my way home. I had no idea … [Read more...]

Millionaire Mind Intensive

One of the best self-improvement workshops I have ever done is Millionaire Mind Intensive (MMI). I did it a few years ago (Fall 2011) so it was good to review the material by doing it again this weekend. I met a lot of close personal friends through MMI - people who I still keep in touch with to this day! The three day content-rich workshop covers the mindset of being a millionaire, healing past … [Read more...]

Summer Fashion Show

Fashion is certainly not one of my main areas of passion! However, my wife is super interested in fashion. In fact, she did a one year internship with fashion designer Shelly Klassen. Anne even made clothes for herself and Rianne for her birthday last week. So, really Anne should be at the fashion show, not me. However, since I got an invite to the Summer Fashion Show by Jacqueline Conoir, I … [Read more...]