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Codie Prevost – Interview & CD Review

I recently had the opportunity to interview popular country musician Codie Prevost about his music and recently-released CD "All Kinds of Crazy." The thing I love the most about Codie is that he is a super nice guy and has maintained his humble, down-to-earth beginnings in the music industry. Often popularity, celebrity-status, and fame can make you proud and self-serving however, Codie has … [Read more...]

The Power of Teamwork

My wife Anne and I were recently featured on the website "Beautifully Waiting" where 31 married couples shared some advice on relationships with some single people! The founder of Beautifully Waiting, Stifany Araneta, asked us for 3 things: 1. Sweetest couple picture you have 2. Key words related to your answer to item 3 3. What one important thing you have learned in marriage that you want … [Read more...]

[GIVEAWAY] Free Tickets to YVR Foodies @ East is East

The latest Daddy Blogger prize giveaway is a pair of tickets to the YVR Foodies event at East is East for next Sunday, April 6, 2014 from 3-5 pm. Tickets are normally $20 so here's your chance to bring along a friend for some food, friendship, and fun! :) Our April YVR Foodies Meetup will be at East is East in Kitsilano with Adam Hart, the founder of The Power of Food, creator ofRa Energy, and … [Read more...]

Facebook Vancouver Office

It's been an amazing week visiting some of the technological giants that call Vancouver home including Hootsuite, Industrial Light & Magic, and today Facebook's Vancouver Office! When I arrived at the Facebook Office in Downtown Vancouver, the security was quite strict with 2 different security check points. One security guard was on the sidewalk making us register on an iPad and the second … [Read more...]

Beanstalk Apparel

A few weeks ago, I received a t-shirt from Beanstalk Apparel for me to review at our March YVR Bloggers event from founder Lauren Bath! It seemed like the perfect timing to wear a t-shirt with Spring just around the corner, day light savings time beginning, and more sunny, warm weather to look forward to after a jacket-wearing, umbrella-carrying Vancouver winter! I have dozens of t-shirts at home … [Read more...]

Blue Man Group

There are some shows you go to that are so incredible and defy your imagination in terms of sensory overload and pure energy rush! After seeing the Blue Man Group tonight at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre, I would put this amazing performance as one of my top theatre-going experiences of all time. Having worked as an usher, I've seen hundreds of theatre productions and the Blue Man Show stands out in … [Read more...]

My First Qigong Experience

I have heard about Qigong for years but didn't have the chance to experience it for myself until today! At our YVR Bloggers Health Panel last week, Caroline MacGillivray, the founder of Beauty Nights Society, shared her passion for medical Qigong and then invited me to try a session. At first, I wanted to research about Qigong and learn as much as possible, so I even Google'd and Wikipedia'ed … [Read more...]

Building Your Brand by Blogging Your Passion

Today, I had the opportunity to present at the annual BIL Conference. Since it was similar to the TED-type talks, speakers are given a short period of time on a topic that will benefit the audience on a creative or inspirational idea.  We each had 20 minutes to present on a topic that we were personally passionate about. I talked about fatherhood and blogging. Since the talk was aimed at aspiring … [Read more...]

BIL Conference

This week marked the annual TED Conference! TED is an annual conference held in California but for the first time happening in our beautiful city of Vancouver. Each speaker is given only 18 minutes to share. The price tag for the 5 day event is a lofty $7500 with only 1,500 tickets available on an Application-Only basis. The average person can pay for the live stream or watch them at community … [Read more...]

Chatting with Champions

It's always such an honour when a fellow entrepreneur and media personality features you on their podcast. Earlier today, Tyler Basu, the founder of Chatting with Champions, interviewed me about my travel experiences, insights as a blogger, advice for dads, tips for event bloggers, and wisdom to impart onto aspiring entrepreneurs! We covered a lot of ground in our interview. Tyler is a personal … [Read more...]

[GIVEAWAY] Sunkist Hockey Rink Survival Kit

Growing up in beautiful Vancouver, I've always been a passionate hockey fan. I still remember the good old days playing street hockey outside our home in North Vancouver and at the Lacrosse Box after school was over. However, I never had formalized training. Imagine how good I would have been if I had joined the Okanagan Hockey School! Who knows...I might have even made it the NHL! Well, I can … [Read more...]