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Mega Bloks First Builders

My wife loves online shopping - she seems to get the most incredible deals. Just this week, we got a package in the mail with 2 massive Mega Bloks First Builders Kits and it only cost her $10 including shipping from Walmart. As soon as we brought the package home, Rianne was already trying to open it up! Of course, her twenty-month old hands haven't quite figured out how to cut the tape and open … [Read more...]

Broken Rice Restaurant

What exactly is Broken Rice? Is it just a clever marketing name for a restaurant or is there a deeper reason? Well, we found out the answer this week after visiting Broken Rice Restaurant on Hastings St in the Heights in North Burnaby. We love Vietnamese so it's always good to find a gem like this place - clean, modern, yet authentic and delicious Vietnamese food! Anne and I both opted for the … [Read more...]

Westbrook Village Kid’s Club

During the fall and winter months in Vancouver, it's often hard to find good indoor activities to take your kids too. After all, who wants to take your children to the mall over and over? Plus, you always end up spending more than you intending just by entering a shopping centre. Plus, libraries have a noise policy so you can't have toddlers running around and screaming when other people are … [Read more...]

Wee Travelers

Since we have a few travel trips with our kids lined up for 2014, I decided to do some online research on resources for traveling with kids. There are hundreds of websites, blogs, and books dedicated to the subject of traveling with children. However, I wasn't able to find anyone local until I connected with mompreneur Lindsie. The specialist in the area of kid's travel in Vancouver is Lindsie … [Read more...]

Rosa Portrait Studio

One of the greatest joys in life as a parent is the day you bring your child home from the hospital for the first time! We were blessed to have our "Welcome Home, Ryan!" moments captured on video by Rosa Hong from Rosa Portrait Studio. Check out the day our lives changed forever: [youtubegallery] [/youtubegallery]   … [Read more...]

Rocky Mountain Flatbread

To me, dining out at a restaurant is much more than the food. I seek out the best complete immersive experience. Plus, it's even better when our kids can get into the experience of eating out. We found the perfect family-friendly place where you can take your kids and not worry about them screaming or disturbing other patrons since most of the guests tend to be families with young kids who know … [Read more...]

Ricky’s Bucket List

I have a bucket list of general things I want to see and do before I do as well as a Completed Bucket List of things I have done and am proud of having accomplished. In addition, I have a travel bucket list. I've had a lot of these lists in my head but never wrote them down on paper (or in this case, typed them up on the keyboard). It's one thing to have a private bucket list that no one knows … [Read more...]

Fatherhood is like Shaving

Every now and then you hear a quote that really makes you stop and think! Well, I found the perfect quote today that has definitely got me in the "thinking zone!" Since I am doing a presentation next month at the Modern Family Expo about "3 Steps to be a Better Dad", I've been reflecting on the qualities of a good dad over the past few weeks. A good dad is more than just the protector and … [Read more...]

Infinity Downtown Grand Opening

Infinity Downtown had its' grand opening party today with live entertainment, free food and drinks, and a chance to test drive the latest 2014 Infinity models! I had the opportunity to test drive the brand new 2014 Q70 SUV - first time I've ever driven an Infinity. I found the SUV was a little too big for my liking so I would probably try out the smaller SUV next time (Q60). I guess I'm used to … [Read more...]

Street Food City

One of our passions during the summer months is visiting all the food trucks scattered around the city as well as the Food Cart Fest. However, in the winter we don't get our usual fix of food trucks...until this weekend for the third annual Street Food City in front of the Vancouver Art Gallery as part of Dine Out Vancouver. Here is some more info about Street Food City: January 22, 23, 24, … [Read more...]

Disney Live! Mickey’s Rockin’ Road Show

As you know from our blog and social media, the Daddy Blogger family are huge supporters of all things Disney from movies and the TV show, the toys, the attractions at Disneyland, and the Disney Store, to the live shows such as Disney on Ice. It's one thing to see Disney on a movie or TV screen, it's a whole different experience watching a Disney Show live in person. We are excited to announce a … [Read more...]