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Year in Review 2013

New baby, new home, new year! 2013 was a life-defining year with so many new things to celebrate! Here are the Top 5 Highlights: 1) Birth of Ryan 2) Moving in to our new Condo 3) Family Trip to the Philippines 4) Published my First Book 5) Launch of YVR Bloggers In addition, we did several family road including to Bowen Island, Harrison Hot Springs, Sunshine Coast, … [Read more...]

Abbotsford Staycation

Our annual winter Staycation brought us to Abbotsford in the Fraser Valley! For the past 3 years we spend 2 days away from Vancouver to refresh and recharge as well as make plans for the new year. 2011 brought us to Harrison Hot Springs just 6 months into our marriage. 2012 brought us to Whistler with our daughter. Finally, 2013 brought us to Abbotsford with 2 kids! A lot has changed but we like … [Read more...]

Golden Lake Seafood Restaurant

Now that Ryan is almost 2 months old, we have started to take him out more and more. However, our little family of four needs to eat in between our adventures. Since we have 2 kids under 2, we always have the dilemma of finding a good family-friendly restaurant that won't mind a little 18 month old girl running around and the occasional cries of a newborn boy. Luckily, we found the perfect place … [Read more...]

Essential Oils for Healing

When I was in University, I used to work at an Aromatherapy Kiosk inside Lonsdale Quay so have a strong belief in the power of essential oils for emotional, mental, and physical healing and well-being. When I was given the opportunity to review a few oil samples from Essential Oils for Healing, I was excited at the chance to rekindle my love for aromatherapy oils. For kids, you can put it on their … [Read more...]

Bare Essentials Skin Bar

Vancouver finally has its' own skin bar! Amy Sahota is the creative visionary and entrepreneur behind Bare Essentials Skin Bar. Originally involved with media, Amy took her passion for skin care and transformed it into an amazing business in the heart of Vancouver right near the Public Library. The first thing that struck me when I walked through the front doors of Bare Essential is the open … [Read more...]

Secret Santa Squirrels

Have you ever wondered how in the world can Santa visit a few billion homes delivering gifts in a single night? I know I have been pondering that question for years. I don't think anyone has come up with a definitive answer to this perplexing question...until now! Hazel Nutt gives us the insider's story in her brand new book Secret Santa Squirrels which was released just in time for Christmas … [Read more...]

From the Ground Up by Luke Wallace

What a talented musician! I first met this easy-going yet extremely skilled entertainer Luke Wallace at Monica Morong's Fundraising Party at Eternal Abundance on Commercial Drive. Running lots of events, I knew I had to get Luke to play at one of our YVR Bloggers Meetups. Luckily, Luke finished his last final exam just in time to make it to our December YVR Bloggers event at the beautiful … [Read more...]

Playskool Big Hugs Elmo

Having 2 kids at Christmas is so much fun...especially shopping! Since my wife was cooking Christmas Turkey for our annual Christmas Eve Party, I went to Toys R'Us on Christmas Eve to get Rianne and Ryan their gifts. For Rianne, I got her a Strawberry Shortcake Kitchen Set and Princess Sophia Mini-Couch and for Ryan, I got a Big Hugs Elmo and an Elephant Alphabet Game. Since Ryan is only 6 … [Read more...]

Christmas Eve Party

Wishing your family a very Merry Christmas from the Daddy Blogger family! :) This year, we held our fifth annual Christmas Eve Party which was open to everyone. We started this tradition in 2009 when I was an ESL teacher in Vancouver and saw that a lot of ESL students, new immigrants, and people on a temporary working visa had nowhere to spend Christmas. In 2009, I was still single. In 2010, I … [Read more...]

Interviews with Bloggers

One of the latest features of Daddy Blogger is "Interview with  Bloggers" where I do a Google Hangout with others with a passion for blogging. I have done over 10 interviews in the last couple of months with more on the way! Marc Smith - 30 Day Adventures [youtubegallery] [/youtubegallery] Sherman Chan - Sherman's Food … [Read more...]

[GIVEAWAY] FREE One Year Family Membership to Maplewood Farm

The Daddy Blogger family is excited to announce our final contest for 2013. It's been an exciting year of giveaways for our readers and we wanted to finish the year with an awesome family-friendly contest. We love blessing our supporters and have an amazing gift for families with kids. One lucky winner will get a one-year family membership to Maplewood Farm (value $125). Who doesn't like a trip to … [Read more...]