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This November marked my fifth annual Movember campaign to raise funds for prostate cancer research. I have been doing it every year since 2008. Now that I have my own blog, my voice on creating awareness is much bigger. One of the reasons for growing a Mo was to stand in solidarity with other men from around the world. It's a simple act but it's a powerful inner statement and visual reminder of … [Read more...]

Sesame Street Live

Elmo is coming to Vancouver!! Having grown up watching the Sesame Street characters, it's with great pleasure that I get to bring our kids to see Sesame Street live in Vancouver this December at the brand new show "Elmo Makes Music." Here's some more info about the show: When the new music teacher’s instruments go missing, Elmo, Abby Cadabby, Big Bird, and more come to the rescue and … [Read more...]

Welcome Home, Ryan

Excited to announce that our son Ryan is finally home! After one long month of visiting the hospital every day while he was in NICU, we finally got to bring him home for the very first time. For those of you who don't know Ryan was born two months early and weighed only 3.5 lbs so had to stay in the hospital until he gained more weight (and also for the doctors and nurses to make sure Ryan's … [Read more...]

Indochino Black Friday Sale

I recently had a chance to visit the Indochino HQ based out of Vancouver, Canada. Seeing and feeling the suits at the HQ or during one of their Traveling Tailor events is one thing, but ordering it online was a whole new experience for me. I wanted to give it a shot so I ordered my first ever suit online and I am currently waiting for it to be shipped directly to our house. Can't wait! I'll be … [Read more...]

Price Matters Cyber Monday Sale

I recently found out about Price Matters from my friend and MTF Marketing Manager Nadeem Ahmad. Since I live in Vancouver, I don't know as much about the Fraser Valley so I was surprised to hear how big Price Matters is in BC. Not only do they have 10 retail locations and 2 outlet stores, they have a massive online website where you can pick items online and have it shipped directly on your door … [Read more...]

Sex After Baby

This is a guest blog from Lesley Stedmon, a Vancouver-based sex and intimacy coach, who answers a reader's question about having sex after a baby. My partner and I have not had sex since our baby was born a year ago. I’m feeling pressure to do it but feel emotionally disconnected from my partner. What can I do? Having a baby is an intimately bonding experience between two people. You shower … [Read more...]

Journey to Galumphagos

I had the opportunity to interview children's author Seth Eisner this week who has just published his book "Journey to Galumphagos." Even though this is Seth's first published book, Seth has a long and deep love of writing and literature. In fact, Journey to Galumphagos was inspired by the stories Seth wrote and read for his three children (all of whom have become responsible adults with kids of … [Read more...]

Mission One of Auggie the Alien

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to interview sisters and authors of Mission One of Auggie the Alien for Daddy Blogger TV. The sisters Leah Spiegel and Megan Summers, currently residing in North Carolina, shared passionately about their love of writing as well as some lessons they have learned about the book writing, publishing, and marketing process during our 30 minute Google … [Read more...]

Cocktails and Lego

The latest Lego event I was invited to attend was Cocktails and Lego at the Vancouver Art Gallery! Yes, you can mix the two thanks to the creative marketing minds at Jelly Marketing. They had corporate teams competing for the best Lego tower as well as three types of Lego cocktails: red, blue, and yellow (the names inspired by the cute building blocks that we have all grown to love). The event … [Read more...]

Le Tigre Truck

It's been a while since our last food truck review. During the summer, we had the opportunity to try out over 20 food trucks but since the fall we haven't slowed down on our street food adventure. The weather is the primary reason for this. After all, who wants to eat food outside in the freezing cold? Well I got a solution if you feel the same way. Today, we stopped at Le Tigre Food Truck outside … [Read more...]

Ra Energy Food Launch Party

Very Important Blogger (VIB) - that was the title of the event tonight at Nuba in Kitsilano. I guess I consider myself a "Very Important Blogger" so I had to attend! The event was organized by Natasha Netschay Davies from Moonraker PR and Adam Hart from Ra Energy Foods and the best-selling author of the Power of Food. The purpose of the event was to introduce their brand new Ra Energy Food Mix … [Read more...]