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Halloween at Tinseltown

Last year, for Rianne's first Halloween, we went trick-or-treating at the Granville Island Kid's Market and Brentwood Town Centre. This year, we went to Tinseltown Mall in Chinatown. It was a much different experience because tonight Rianne was able to run up to the shop-keepers and get some candy. We filled up her entire pumpkin bag in only 30 minutes. The good thing about trick-or-treating at … [Read more...]

Halloween at Fly Over Canada

Halloween at Fly Over Canada was a pleasant surprise! We weren't sure what to expect as this was a brand new tourist attraction that just opened in Spring 2013. At first, I wasn't sure if it was just for kids? Just for tourists? For everyone? Instead of analyzing the attraction too much, we decided to just go and see what it would be like. They had a special Halloween theme with flying witches, … [Read more...]

Dunbar Haunted House

A legend is coming to an end this Halloween. Dunbar Haunted House has announced that 2013 will be their last year of operation. I've been wanting to go to this famous attraction for years. A few years ago, my friend Phil He and I tried to go on Halloween evening but it was closed early due to the huge line up. Even tonight, when we arrived around 7 pm, the line up was over 2.5 hours. Luckily, I … [Read more...]

Relentless Book Launch

One of my passions is writing so it's always a joy to attend someone's book launch party. This week, I was able to go to Josh Wood's Relentless Book Launch at The Landing in Gastown. Josh is from Melbourne, Australia and had a tragic snowboarding accident when he was 18 years old, breaking his spinal cord. The doctors and specialists all told Josh that he would never walk again. However, Josh … [Read more...]

Whys Learning

My friend Sean Braacx is the founder of a brand new online company Whys Learning which focuses on teaching kids through activities and games between parents and children. I was one of the Beta Testers so it has been exciting to see the move from conception to implementation to official public launch. You can even create your own profiles for each family member and play against each other. It's … [Read more...]

Belly Art by Virgo Visual Artistry

This weekend, my wife got her belly painted by Sammy Rae from Virgo Visual Artistry at Wendy D's Photography Studio. We originally found out about Sammy Rae from our good friend Victoria Clements. We were thinking of a creative and colourful theme and decided to have a dove with our son's name "Ryan" and "Little Bro." We originally wanted to paint Rianne's belly with the words "Rianne" and  "Big … [Read more...]

Stephen Joseph Rain Boots

Since we live in Vancouver, the rain capital of Canada and maybe even all of North America, I get asked to review a lot of products for the rainy season. A few weeks ago, I was given a pair of Sarah Joseph Rain Boots for our daughter. Right now, they are a little too big for her 17 month old feet but I still got to review the boots based on appearance and look & feel. Overall, I think these … [Read more...]

Surrey International Writer’s Conference

The place to be for aspiring and published authors this weekend was the annual Surrey International Writer's Conference with keynote speeches, seminars, a book fair, author signings, and more. It was my first time attending and I made some solid connections. Having published my own book "Wisdom from Daddies" earlier this year made the event even more meaningful. It's hard to find a community of … [Read more...]

TEDx Kids

I finally got to go to a TEDx event in person after watching dozens of TED videos online on YouTube and the official TED Channel. This TEDx was even more special as it was aimed and organized by children! TEDx Kids was held at the Omnimax Theatre inside Science World. The speakers were incredibly inspirational covering topics such as identity, branding, autism, and more. The theme of the day was … [Read more...]

The Brick Games

Since the last Lego Games was held on the same day as our daughter's first birthday party, we had to miss it. So, I was super excited to see the Lego Games return today at a brand new venue at the Langley Events Centre. They have rebranded as The Brick Games because they can't use the name Lego unless actually Lego Reps fly out to Vancouver and run the whole event. Regardless of the name change, … [Read more...]

Fort Langley National Historic Site

This weekend, our family was invited to stay in Fort Langley at the brand new OTentik Cabins right inside the fort. We were originally going to bring little Rianne but when we heard how cold it was in October, I decided to go with my friends Rob Beck and Dave Klassen. The experience began with a 2 hour Ghost Tour around Fort Langley called Grave Tales and the surrounding town including a couple … [Read more...]