Max Frut


Want a healthy snack for your children? Look no further than Max Frut, a North Vancouver-based, family-run Popsicle maker. Max Frut calls itself "Canada's first whole food frozen bars." This creative little shop is owned and operated by Mexican entrepreneur Agustin Ibanez  who is also a dad of a five year old boy. One of my passions in writing this blog is to highlight local family-run … [Read more...]

Bard on the Beach


One of the best places to watch live theatre is at Bard on the Beach in Vanier Park. You can't miss the iconic red and white tents right next to the Planetarium overlooking the Burrard Inlet, English Bay, and Downtown Vancouver. It's especially beautiful as you see the sun setting with a gorgeous reflection on the water. We've been wanting to go for years but this was our first year that we saw … [Read more...]

Global TV Interview

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This morning, I had the opportunity to do a live TV interview for the first time in my life at the Global BC Headquarters in Burnaby. The show was AM/BC with Jill Krop and they did a 7 minute segment on fatherhood, Daddy Blogger, and my new book "Wisdom from Daddies." I've been on TV several times before and even done a few radio interviews (Rick Cuff's Morning Show on CBC, The Bill Good Show on … [Read more...]

Don Francesco Ristorante


Tonight we took a trip down memory lane by having dinner at Don Francesco Ristorante on Burrard Street in Downtown. For Anne's birthday in 2010, she wanted to treat a few people who were not as well off for a meal and she asked me to organize a group together and pick the restaurant so I ended up picking the well-known Italian fine dining restaurant Francesco's. In fact, Anne and I were just … [Read more...]

Burnaby Mountain Park


To end of an eventful today we drove up to the top of Burnaby Mountain for the spectacular view and to give little Rianne an opportunity to run around and play (actually, it's more like walk around since she hasn't learnt to run yet). There's a lot more to Burnaby Mountain than the view although the view is usually what draws people here. There's the delicious Horizon's Restaurant (I really … [Read more...]

Burnaby Central Railway


One of the things we have been wanting to do for a long time has been to ride the Mini Train at Burnaby Central Railway at Confederation Park - especially since having a baby. Sightseeing is a lot more fun with a baby since we are always curious to see what she likes and doesn't like. Well, the mini trains were a big hit with Rianne. She got excited right when she saw the trains and even waved … [Read more...]

Coffee Bun


One of our favourite places to snack at when we visit Lonsdale Quay in North Vancouver is the famous Coffee Bun Shop right next to the Sea Bus Terminal. They have a variety of snack items as well as drinks including the signature coffee bun (which comes in ten varieties), ice slush, Belgian waffles, grilled panini, and more. The coffee buns make a delicious snack whether you are on-the-go or want … [Read more...]

Jamaican Mi Juicy


Since we were at the Caribbean Festival this weekend, we had to try out Jamaican Mi Juicy - one of the most popular food stands at the festival and a place I've seen several times in the past. Jamaican Mi Juicy is very popular in the Vancouver festival circuit - make sure you check out their website and follow them on Twitter to find out where you can find them next. We ordered the Jerk … [Read more...]

Caribbean Festival


The hip and happening place to be this weekend was the 26th annual Caribbean Days Festival at Lonsdale Quay's Waterfront Park in North Vancouver. This festival was similar to a lot of the other Vancouver-based festivals with live entertainment, singers, and dancers, a parade down Lonsdale, children's entertainment, delicious food stalls, lots of sponsor booths, and of course, lots of people and … [Read more...]

Dip Ice Cream


After trying out Saucy Pops and Not Yo Nachos, we opted for the delicious Dip Ice Cream to end our Richmond Night Market food adventure! It seems putting something on a stick makes it more popular! Case in point is the Saucy Pops (chicken on a stick) and Japanese Fries Dog (hot dog on a stick) so why not ice cream on a stick? You would think that ice cream would melt if it is on a stick and not … [Read more...]

Not Yo Nachos


The latest food creation at the Richmond Night Market is Fusion Nachos - created by one of the newest food stands this year: Not Yo Nachos. When I saw the red and yellow overhead sign saying "Not Yo Nachos" I was immediately drawn in as I am a big fan of Mexican food and love a good servings of Nachos. After seeing all the creative Nacho Fusion options, I had to give it a try! They had several … [Read more...]