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Gratitude Journal

My friend Bryan Nickel held a seminar tonight about Relationships and one of my key takeaways was how to show Gratitude. In our busy world, it's so easy to take life for granted and to forget to appreciate the little things. Today, I was reminded to stop, pause, reflect, and be grateful. Some of the people on the webinar have a Gratitude Journal - something I've heard lots about but never … [Read more...]

iCafe on Broadway

After driving down Broadway hundreds of times, we finally made our long awaited stop at iCafe at the corner of Broadway & Heather for a nice family dinner after Rianne's doctors checkup. The place is hip and modern yet specializes in traditional Chinese food. It's on the second floor so it's not visible directly from street level but if you look up to the second floor shops as you drive down … [Read more...]

Snackbox by Foodee

We got a nice surprise in our mailbox this week...our Snackbox by Foodee to review for the Daddy Blogger readers! We first received an email from Snackbox last week followed by a personal meeting with the owners at EAT! Vancouver over the weekend. One of our goals as a family is to teach our kids to be healthy. With so many unhealthy snacks in supermarkets, Snackbox provides an affordable, healthy … [Read more...]

Notch Hill Learning

What's the best way to teach your kids to read? My wife and I have been contemplating how to teach little Rianne to read. We have magnetic alphabets on the fridge, wall stickers along the hallway she crawls up and down, and lots of picture books with words. We also read aloud to her, play fun songs with memorable lyrics, and speak to her in a normal conversational voice. However, which of these … [Read more...]

Insights into Having Twins

Jared Karol, father of fraternal twins, shares his wisdom about fatherhood and his insights into having twins in this interview for my new book "Wisdom from Daddies: What I learned from Interviewing 100 Dads about Fatherhood." Jared's website is Lick the Fridge. 1. What wisdom have you learned from your children? My children have taught me the true meaning of compromise, that I can't always … [Read more...]

Video Interviews with 100 Dads

YES!! Mission accomplished! I have completed over 100 video interviews with dads from around the globe over the last year. A lot of them were in person interviews recorded with my iPhone while the others were done through Google Hangout!  There are dads from every continent on the planet (except Antartica - I know there are dads working there but we'll have to wait for one of the Antartica dads … [Read more...]

The One Restaurant

After hearing about it through Social Media, seeing pictures on Facebook & Instagram, and reading about it in several food blogs, it was time for me to check out The One Restaurant for myself. I went with my good friend Jeremiah who is giving me lots of insights in my final days before my book launch. After being confused by the overwhelming variety of choices on the menu, we finally asked for … [Read more...]

VIP Bin Cleaning

The Daddy Blogger family strives to be a strong environmentally-friendly, green family - we want to set the example and walk the talk when it comes to eco-friendly living. We are only a small family but it's families like us that have a huge global impact. We support Mayor Gregor Robertson's push to make Vancouver the greenest city in the world by 2020. We have the bike lanes, the recycling … [Read more...]

Walk to end Global Poverty

At one year old, little Rianne is learning to walk. She has built up the leg strength to hold herself up and take a couple of steps - it's much easier when we assist her. What better walk to teach her to walk than to walk with a purpose, a mission, a desire to change the world? Today was a walk unlike any other walks. It was a walk to end global poverty. I joined the World Partnership Walk a few … [Read more...]

Meeting John Gray

Today, I had the opportunity to meet best-selling author John Gray - the author of Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus at River Rock Theatre in Richmond. John has sold over 17 million books and his famous book has become the #1 best-selling non-fiction hardback book in history according to Harper-Collins.  He has also become an authority figure in the field of relationships. During my short … [Read more...]

EAT! Vancouver

Free food samples! What better reason to go to EAT! Vancouver than to check out all the stalls, listen to expert chefs, and of course get some delicious food samples! Yes, this is the reason a lot of people attend EAT! Vancouver (and admittedly one of the reasons I went there). You can pretty much feel stuffed just trying out all the samples. However, I discovered there is so much more to see, … [Read more...]