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Easter Sunday

To celebrate Easter, we had a super eventful day starting with our home Church's special Easter Service, followed by Dylan's 2nd birthday party and egg hunt, a meeting with phoTobin photography owners Tobin & Sarah Smith, a meeting with A Clay McRae, and finishing the day with a service at City Lights Church, pastored by our friends Brett & Natalie Donald. Easter is a special time for … [Read more...]

Electric Cars and Hybrids

I got to try out 6-7 electric cars and hybrids for the first time this weekend at the Vancouver International Auto Show at the Convention Centre in Canada Place. For the first time ever, the Car Show decided to include test drives as part of the $15 gate admission. I took full advantage of the opportunity as it's very rare you can try out so many different electric cars by various manufacturers … [Read more...]

Vancouver International Auto Show

Cars, cars, cars - everywhere you looked there were 100s of cars displayed at the 2013 Vancouver International Auto Show held this year at the Convention Centre at Canada Place! Daddy Blogger was live on location at the event documenting the show, test driving the cars, connecting with the vendors, and having an incredible time! One of the best things about attending the Auto Show is that all … [Read more...]

Good Friday Service

The crucifixion...the resurrection... The 2 most events in the Christian calendar are the death and rising of Jesus. I grew up Hindu and my wife grew up Catholic - in our 20s, we both became Christians through different life circumstances.  My wife and I first met at Coastal Church in Downtown Vancouver on the greeting team. It's now been 4 years since we dated, got engaged, got married, and … [Read more...]

Dianna David – Movement Story Teller

There are some people you meet and you immediately know they are living completely on purpose doing what they are passionate about! Dianna David is a woman living her dreams - she is very real, totally sincere, and extremely driven. She operates her dance studio at "Play Space" at the Railway Studios near Gastown. Dianna has branded herself as a "Movement Storyteller." A few weeks ago, she did … [Read more...]

The Green Men

Daddy Blogger meets the Green Men! For those who are not massive fans of the Vancouver Canucks, the Green Men are 2 guys who love the colour green &  go by the names "Force & Sully." They sit right next to the Penalty Box dressed in green spandex costumes and intimidate the players in the penalty box - it's so hilarious and extremely effective.  The Green Men have gone from super fans … [Read more...]

Pastime Sports

One of our favorite sports stores is Pastime Sports in Langley & Surrey because of the numerous autograph signings they have!  Plus, they have a massive selection of memorabilia including jerseys, signed photos, and sports cards.  The store really stands out among the other food stores in the Food Court at Central City in Surrey right next to King George Skytrain Station. Today, they … [Read more...]

Alex Burrows @ Best Buy

Go Canucks Go! It's one thing to see your favorite hockey on TV or at Rogers Arena, but it's a whole other feeling to meet them in person - to shake their hand, to ask them a question, to take a picture together...simply put: to connect (even on a very small level).  From the time I was a little boy playing street hockey in North Vancouver, I've been meeting famous hockey players like Trevor … [Read more...]

Ryan Kesler Autograph Event

Ryan Kesler - assistant Captain, Vancouver Canucks ice hockey player, sports athlete, fashion model, husband, Everyone in Vancouver knows Ryan Kesler the hockey player...but how many people know Ryan Kesler the dad? Today, I had the opportunity to meet Ryan Kesler at the Pastime Sports autograph event at Surrey Central Mall.  Ryan was super friendly and happy to hear about my blog … [Read more...]

Vancouver Foodies

One of my latest strategies in building my blog is to network with other Vancouver bloggers. While I go to lots of networking events and meetups, there are very few events specifically focused on bloggers. However, there are mini-networks of Vancouver Foodie Bloggers and I have started connecting with them one by one. Until I started blogging in December 2012, I had no idea how many bloggers there … [Read more...]

Marketing Your Blog

It's one thing to start a's a whole different thing to market the blog. Today, I picked up my 1000 business for only $20 from the famous local printing shop Jukebox in Gastown - I still don't know how they are profitable charging so little for business cards. I asked the owner and he said it was a "trade secret." My guess is that they may run the promotion at a loss or break-even and … [Read more...]