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Menchie’s on Cambie

Now I know why all the famous Hollywood celebrities go to Menchie's frozen yogurt. It is absolutely delicious! After visiting the North Vancouver location a few weeks ago, we couldn't resist trying out the Vancouver location on Cambie and 7th. Being a franchise, you pretty much know what you are going to get when you walk into a Menchie's anywhere around the world: friendly service, delicious … [Read more...]

Men Get Pregnant Too

This is a guest blog post from Kenny Bodanis (a dad blogger from Montreal, Canada) who writes about parenting at Men Get Pregnant Too. Kenny is a father of two and a husband of one. Kenny writes about a kids' right to privacy in this insightful & informative blog post. Don't a Parenting Blogger's Kids Have a Right to Privacy? With any personal project, be it starting or expanding a … [Read more...]

How I Got an All-Expenses Paid Trip to Aruba

Life is all about relationships! Some people you meet have a small part and others have a major life-changing role! Last year, at a Rapid Time Networks meeting, I met Rob Whitney, the number one income-earner in Canada for Unicity International. I got texts from him regularly inviting me to opportunity meetings in Surrey but always found an excuse not to go. Fast forward a year later, Rob … [Read more...]

Unicity International

I recently came back from a 3 night, 4 day all expenses paid trip from Unicity International to the beautiful and sunny island of Aruba. Everything was covered in the cost of the trip including: Flight Hotel Food Drinks Excursions The only thing I had to pay for was souveniers! The trip was really incredible as to stay at the Westin Hotel with all meals and drinks covered costs $450 per … [Read more...]

Be a Dad! Do the Right Thing!

Those of you that know me have heard of why I started Crux Fitness. For those of you that don't, here is a very brief recap: I was a paramedic in Seattle and I got sick and tired of helping people when its too late (heart attacks and strokes patients are usually beyond help when it is acute). So I made it my mission to educate people about the importance of fitness and health so that there are … [Read more...]


Home Sweet Home!! After a long day of flying and transfers, it's good to be finally home. Vancouver may not have the warmth or the blue skies or the long sandy beaches, but it has the 2 most amazing people on the planet waiting for me with love: my wife and my daughter! The famous sayings ring true at times like these: "There's no place like home!" and "Home is where the heart is." … [Read more...]

Los Angeles

Final stop before going home to Vancouver was the vibrant city of LA - home of Hollywood, Disneyland, and Universal Studios. The last time I was in LA was during the Oscars in February 2008 so it brings back memories returning here almost 5 years ago to the date! What's your favorite part of LA? … [Read more...]


Our 1st stop after leaving Aruba this morning was the beautiful and sunny city of Miami in South Florida! Miami is the home of the famous basketball team The Heat and the equally famous football team The Dolphins and is the starting point for a lot of cruises to the Carribean and Bahamas. What's your favorite part of Miami? … [Read more...]

Downtown Aruba

Our last day in Aruba! … [Read more...]

Water Tubing

Fun time water boating in Aruba! … [Read more...]

Closing Reception

Amazing closing reception by Unicity International: … [Read more...]