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How to Make Money Blogging

It's good to be a blogger, but it's even better to make money blogging!! Today, I had a one hour brainstorming session with one of Vancouver's top business consultants, Anthony Taylor from SME Strategy at the hip, happening, and trendy shared office space called The Hive. We had a general discussion about revenue & income generation from Daddy Blogger followed by 2 brainstorming sessions: one … [Read more...]

We Leave Nothing Out

This is a guest blog post written by daddy-to-be Gary Mahler as a love letter to his wife Kanako & his son Koan. It was written in the days leading up to the delivery and is packed with passion, emotion, and sincerity. The original article can be found at Into the Fire Leadership I’ve never thought about having kids. Ever. By the time you read this I’ll either be the proud dad of my son Koan … [Read more...]

Baby Networker

Like daddy, like daughter! Baby Rianne has become a strong networker just like her daddy after accompanying me to so many business meetings, networking events, and social activities. She often looks intently at the person I am meeting, breaking out a big smile after she feels they are trustworthy. It's like the Baby Sign of Approval on my business transactions. Check out this cute cartoon of … [Read more...]

Vancouver Dads Meetup

Something BIG is happening among the dads of Vancouver!! In just a week, dads from all over the Lower Mainland will be coming to Fitness Town Burnaby to hear Dai Manuel talk about "How to be a Fit Dad." You can find out more about our group by joining us on Meetup and/or Facebook through our website at YVR Dads. As far I know, this is the 1st official business, social, and personal networking … [Read more...]

Chapter 10 – Follow Through

My 10th interview for my book Wisdom from Daddies was with Tim the Elf from North Pole BC. Tim shared with me to teach your children the importance of follow through and completing what you start. To read more about this fascinating interview, check back here soon! [youtubegallery] [/youtubegallery] … [Read more...]

Chapter 9 – Listening

My ninth of fifty interviews for my book Wisdom from Daddies was with Father Christmas from North Pole BC. Father Christmas taught me the importance of listening to your kids. To read more about this fascinating interview, check back here soon! … [Read more...]

Chapter 8 – Home Schooling

My eighth of fifty interviews for my book Wisdom from Daddies was with Andrei Mincov, father of two daughters. Andrei and I discussed the importance of home-schooling your children. To read more about this interview, check back soon! … [Read more...]

Chapter 7 – Quality Time

My seventh of fifty interviews for my book Wisdom from Daddies was with Owen Clark, father of two daughters and one son. Owen emphasized the need to spend quality time with your children. Owen's most memorable quote was "Love is spelled T.I.M.E."  This four word quote has stuck with me every since this interview - I often think on the deeper meaning of the words and the association between … [Read more...]

Chapter 6 – Choices

My sixth of fifty interviews for my book Wisdom from Daddies was with Franco - father of two and grand-father of one. Franco had some insights into the choices your children make. When his kids were younger, he took them to the Downtown Eastside to show them the consequences of bad choices. It was a tough lesson but a memorable one. Check back soon to read more about Franco's interview! … [Read more...]

Missions Fest Booths

One of our favorite parts of Missions Fest Vancouver is the massive Tradeshow which has 300+ missions organizations represented. Everything from schools to camps to agencies to a book shop all vying for your attention. I try to spend 5+ hours here over the 3 day weekend having informative conversations, picking up brochures, and learning lots! However, since I was looking to interview more dads, … [Read more...]

Missions Fest Vancouver

2013 marks the 30th year of Missions Fest. It all began in a small church in Burnaby and now has become the biggest missions conference in North America and has spread around the world. It's amazing the impact that one man with a vision can have in changing the whole world. We got to see all the main plenary speakers including: •Luis Palau •Patrick Johnson •Gracie Burnham We also … [Read more...]