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FREE Baby Photography

How do you get FREE Baby Photography? Anne and I have had close to 10 different photoshoots for our daughter...all for FREE!! Yes, I repeat...all the photoshoots were FREE. It first started with Rianne's 1st photoshoot at 8 days. Our Facebook friend offered us a free photoshoot in exchange for letting him use the pictures as part of his marketing. The 2nd free photoshoot was by … [Read more...]

I Dropped My Baby…Twice (No Judgment Day)

This is a guest post by Tim Chan. He and his wife blog about thoughtful marriage, parenting, and life" on their blog: Tim & Olive's Blog I have a confession to make. My baby is turning one-year-old soon, and I’ve dropped her twice already. The first time I put her on our bed and started cleaning our room. She rolled and fell to the floor. It’s a 3-foot drop. She cried and cried and … [Read more...]

Baby Research Project

Anne and I recently attended a Baby and Family Fair where we visited a booth from the UBC Child Infant Cognition Department. The researchers were looking for babies from 0-24 months to take part in baby research. In return, they would give a gift to Rianne and reimburse our travel expenses. This sounded like a great opportunity so we were quick to say "YES!!" The 1st baby study was a Puppet … [Read more...]

Celebrating the Holidays

Now that Christmas is rapidly approaching, I wonder how my favorite holiday will be different? I look forward to seeing little Rianne opening up her presents under the tree for the first time ever. I look forward to her smiles, her giggles, her look of surprise and appreciation. This coming Christmas will be the best Christmas ever...because it will be our 1st with a baby! Of course, on a … [Read more...]

Baby Photoshoots

Take pictures ourselves or get a professional to do it? Of course, Anne and I are like every other new parent...taking pictures and videos like crazy and posting them to our Facebook and YouTube accounts. These pictures are particularly good for Anne's family who is in the Philippines and haven't got a chance to meet little Rianne yet. One week after Rianne was born, one of our Facebook … [Read more...]

Lessons Learned from my Baby

Having a baby is a continuous learning experience - instead of being the wise and all-knowing parent, I realize that usually it is me being the student and my daughter being the teacher. So, what has baby Rianne taught me? Well here are 3 quick lessons: 1. CURIOSITY: Rianne is so curious: about people, about sounds, about food, about new things,...about everything. It really feels like it … [Read more...]

Blogging, Business, & Baby

Managing a blog, having a full-time business, and taking care of a baby makes you feel like a juggler sometimes. We can't manage time but we can manage commitments and priorities. Before having baby Rianne, I ran an event planning company called Networking with Purpose. Running this business required lots of time to book venues, organize the set up and tear down, find speakers & sponsors, … [Read more...]

The Role of a Dad

What role does a dad play in the life of a child? Is it to be the provider? The protector? Or is there something more? The answer to the first 2 questions is yes - a dad is the provider and protector of his child. The answer to the 3rd question is a yes too - there is something much, much more important. It is to be present fully and totally. Many dads will be busy making money to pay the … [Read more...]

Baby Milestones

There have been a lot of baby milestones in little Rianne's young life. It really feels like every single day is a new milestone but of course some memories stand out more than others. Our Top 10 Baby Milestones: 1. Eye Contact (following a toy) 2. Grabbing a Toy (and not letting go) 3. Smiling (especially when she recognizes a face!) 4. Giggling/Laughing (when mommy and daddy make … [Read more...]

Baby Memories

One of the most important things you will make with your baby is...memories. Memories can't be measured and can't be fully caught ever. They are to be experienced and remembered mentally and emotionally and in the fabrics of our hearts and minds. However, we can do our best to capture our best and favorite memories with our children. Here are some suggestions for capturing those special baby … [Read more...]

Sightseeing with a Baby

Since we have been to over 50 activities in 6 months with baby Rianne, we have found there are some common things to remember when taking a baby sightseeing. Here are our Top 5 Tips when going sightseeing with a baby: 1. Bring a Diaper Bag (make sure it's light yet contains all the essentials) 2. Bring multiple clothes (for pee and poo leaks as well as layers) 3. Things to leave in the … [Read more...]