Vancouver Christmas Market 2014


Christmas has always been a very exciting time of the year especially now that we have children and our daughter Rianne is in her toddler years. In fact, Anne and I first start dating during Christmas of 2009 (here we are 5 years later married with 2 kids)! This year marked our third consecutive year visiting the Vancouver Christmas Market at the Queen Elizabeth Plaza! The first time we went was … [Read more...]

North Pole BC – Festival of Christmas


Over the last few years, we have developed a number of Family traditions around Christmas from the customary family home activities like putting up the Christmas Tree, decorations, and lights to the sightseeing activities like the Stanley Park Train, Van Dusen Gardens, Vancouver Christmas Market, and the Trinity Street Christmas Lights to the more off-the-beaten path, unique and creative family … [Read more...]

Sesame Street Live – Let’s Dance

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 11.39.11 PM

Sesame Street is coming back to Vancouver this December! Last year, around the same time, we took our kids to their first Sesame Street Live Show at the UBC Thunderbird Stadium for the show "Elmo Makes Music." This year, we'll be seeing their brand new show called "Let's Dance." Rianne absolutely loved the show last year and went right up to the front to dance along with the characters. Ryan … [Read more...]

Thuggies: Life is Short, Live it Long


"Life is short, live it long" - when I heard that creative slogan for the Vancouver-based clothing company Thuggies, I was immediately intrigued. Thuggies is a company that is ultra fun and laid back - they are serious about their mission to produce comfortable, cost-effective, and creative clothing while at the same time being true to their joyful, easy-going brand imaging. They have found this … [Read more...]

How to Change a Baby’s Diaper


When I first became a dad, I had no clue how to change a baby's diaper since I was an only child and had no nieces and had no nieces or nephews. However, my wife had 6 siblings and 17 nieces and nephews. Watch our daughter Rianne helping mommy & daddy change her diaper by lifting up her legs. This helps us so much and is cute to watch! I wonder if ALL … [Read more...]

Happy 2nd Anniversary, Daddy Blogger!!

Daddy Blogger Cartoon

Our website officially turns 2 years old today on Monday, Dec 1, 2014! We first launched our website publically on Saturday, Dec 1, 2012 at midnight and here we are 2 years later still going strong! Here are some highlights from the past 2 years! :) 1) Impacting thousands of dads online through our Blog, YouTube Channel, and Social Media Platforms 2) Interviewing 100+ dads for my book … [Read more...]

Red Ginger Asian Cuisine


Sunday is family day. It's a chance for us to go to Church, have a nice meal together, and then enjoy a family activity with the kids. Each Sunday, we are always on the hunt for a creative restaurant that is kid-friendly! Some of the things we look for are good location, delicious food, reasonable prices, booster seats and high chairs, and of course other families with kids eating there … [Read more...]

Family Fun at Disney on Ice


The perfect place to take the family on a rainy Wednesday evening!! With the kids all bundled up, umbrellas in hand, we ventured off to the Pacific Coliseum to see Disney on Ice for the first time as a family of four! Earlier this year, we had lots of fun watching Mickey's Rockin' Road Show and last year we saw Rockin' Ever After with just Rianne so we were looking forward to bringing Ryan … [Read more...]

Strongbody Apparel

Strongbody Apparel

Usually, there seems to be a massive divide between fashionable clothes and high performance outfits. However, thanks to Quincy Samycia and Meghan Conyers, the co-founders of Strongbody Apparel, there is finally a solution! Even in my case, I live in Burnaby and my personal trainer is in Downtown. Usually, I will have an appointment before or after my workout and always wish I had more stylish … [Read more...]

Signature Mobile Spa

Signature Mobile Spa

Why go to the spa when the spa can come to you? When I think of our lives now, there are a lot of adjectives that immediately spring to mind: busy, noisy, rushed, chaotic, fast-paced, etc. Since we have 2 young children (Rianne is 2.5 years old and Ryan is 1 year old), the words "calm", "relaxed", "peaceful", "serene", or "blissful" don't immediately come to mind. However, as parents, those are … [Read more...]

One Year Anniversary in our Apartment


Nov 15, 2014 - today marks our One Year Anniversary since we bought our apartment in North Burnaby! It was on this day one year ago that we took possession and got the keys for the first time. Our first 2 years of marriage, we were renting a Ground Level Suite in East Vancouver. However, we had a dream: a dream to own our own place! A dream to be home owners! A dream to build a home for our … [Read more...]

Chicken Squad Campaign


This is a guest blog post from my wife Anne Shetty who visited the Chicken Squad Farmers at Save On Foods last week! Make sure you follow along her blog at! In this blog post, Anne writes about the Chicken Squad Campaign which educates the public about how healthy the chickens are in our province. With all the food scare going on in the past few years like GMO crops, steroids, … [Read more...]