The Cascade Loop

Mount Baker

We have been on several road trips from Vancouver including Harrison Hot Springs, Sunshine Coast, Okanagan, Bowen Island, Vancouver Island, Salt Spring Island, Seattle, etc. However, we have never explored much of Washington State. After seeing some pictures of Leavenworth on Social Media, we decided to head down to this area of Washington State and do the entire Cascade Loop. Here is a short … [Read more...]

Trip to Leavenworth

Leavenworth Nutcracker Museum

One of our annual family traditions is going on different Road Trips from Vancouver! This summer, we decided to do the Cascade Loop stopping at Leavenworth, Wenatchee, Lake Chelan, Winthrop, Mount Vernon, and Mount Baker. One of our main stopping points was the German town of Leavenworth, which has an amazing entrepreneurial history. Originally, a ghost town with very few visitors, Leavenworth … [Read more...]

Profdy Cleaning Services


Have you figured out what is causing you stress? Is it lack of exercise? Lack of sleep? Poor diet? Overworking? How about your living environment? As parents of 2 young kids (3 year old Rianne and 1.5 year old Ryan), one of our major stress triggers is not having a clean living environment. I must admit, with kids, it's super tough to ensure they always eat on the dining table, that they … [Read more...]

18th Amendment Barber Shop

Jake Huhn

Men's Grooming is a hot trend lately and Daddy Blogger is always looking to review the best grooming places and recommend them to our readers!! This week, we got invited to 18th Amendment Barber Shop in the heart of  Gastown to do a review of their recently-opened shop. Immediately, as I was walked in, I was amazed by the 1920s ambience (hence the name 18th Amendment referring to the Prohibition … [Read more...]

Vancouver Escape Rooms

Vancouver Escape Rooms

Team building, creative thinking, and immersive entertainment? Where you can do all of these together? Escape Rooms...of course!! One of the things we love to do at Daddy Blogger is showcase, highlight, and analyze some of the latest societal trends. For this blog review, we spent 5 days visiting all of the different Escape Rooms in Vancouver: that's 15 Escape Rooms in 5 days, … [Read more...]

Internet Marketing Mastery Conference


  Greetings Daddy Blogger supportersAs a passionate father, I know you wanted to be informed and equipped about the latest marketing strategies to build your business so you can spend more time at home with your wife and kids. I wanted to introduce you to an amazing conference coming up in Vancouver called Internet Marketing Mastery, a 3 day content-rich event with over 30 of the best … [Read more...]

It’s BC Veggie Day!!

BC Veggie Day

This is a guest blog post by my wife Anne Shetty who visited the green house growers at Real Canadian Super Store on Grandview Highway, Vancouver last Saturday, May 23, 2015.  In this blogpost, Anne writes about the BC Veggie Day Campaign which educates the public about green house crops grown in BC. Last November, I had the opportunity to go to the Chicken Squad campaign and was educated … [Read more...]

The Cloverdale Rodeo Rocks

Cloverdale Rodeo

Daddy Blogger was doing the Daddy thing last week for his amazing daughter's birthday. Since he was once again invited to attend this amazing Rodeo event, I will share my adventures on behalf of him with all of you- enjoy! ----- A Great Experience at the Cloverdale Rodeo. There is so much to do in Vancouver and all over BC, and the experience of being at the Cloverdale Rodeo this past … [Read more...]

Iqbal – Mama’s Hot Sauces

Hot Arusha

Check out our latest Podcast Episode on Internet Marketing Mastery where we interview Iqbal Ishani from Arusha Hot Sauces. Iqbal has been a sponsor at both our Social Media Mastery Conference at the Diamond Balloom and the Blog Mastery Conference at BCIT. In this episode, Iqbal shares about the history and vision of the "Hottest Hot Sauces in the world." Make sure you connect with Iqbal and … [Read more...]

YouTube Marketing – The #1 Big Tip

Steve Dotto

Is it better than TV? YouTube reaches more U.S. adults aged 18-34 than any cable network. Steve Dotto from shares with James Martell, the 3 phases of content production on YouTube, and he shares the #1 golden nugget for building YouTube subscribers. Steve Dotto is currently a full-time speaker, productivity trainer, internet marketer, video blogger, and YouTube Marketer. He … [Read more...]

Podcasting Is Bigger Than You Think!

West Coast Podcasters Network

James Martell talks with Michelle Abraham from the Westcoast Podcasters Network about podcasting, and why it's much BIGGER than YOU think! Westcoast Podcasters Network Social Media Mastery Conference … [Read more...]