Raven Tools


Stay tuned for my review of Raven Tools from my visit to the Global HQ in Nashville! I found out about Raven Tools through my good friend Darian Kovaks from Jelly Marketing! … [Read more...]

Union Station Hotel in Nashville


One of the most beautiful and unique hotels I have stayed in during my life so far: Union Station Hotel in Nashville! Stay tuned for videos! … [Read more...]

Lexux NX Press Preview

CrossOver SUV

Lexus held a Press Preview in Nashville for their brand new 2015 Lexus NX Crossover SUV! I'll be writing a more in-depth review when I get back to Vancouver but here's a picture of the sleek and stylish Lexus NX taken in front of the Parthenon in Nashville. One of my favourite features was the built-in wireless charger (the first car in the world to have this practical and important … [Read more...]

Trip to Nashville


I just arrived in Nashville after more than 12 hours of travelling. I checked into YVR at 4 am and arrived in Nashville at 4:30 pm (12 hours of flying and transferring later). A group of journalists and bloggers were invited to the Union Station Hotel for a Press Preview of the Lexus NX Crossover SUV. Stay tuned for more pictures and videos from the event! … [Read more...]

A Midsummer Night’s Dream


A beautiful night, an amusing play, and a fun group of bloggers...you could call this a Midsummer Night's Dream! Our latest YVR Bloggers Summer Adventure brought us to Bard on the Beach for a private meet and greet with Bard Producer Christopher Gaze followed by an amusing, modernized rendition of A Midsummer Night's Dream! Stay tuned for a full review of the show! … [Read more...]

Close Mastery Workshop


One of my goals this year has been to improve my selling skills! … [Read more...]

Jewelry with a Purpose

Silver Streak

What if you could sell jewelry for purpose and passion instead of pure profit? Suman Baskshi, the founder of Sterling Silver, has created a new line of jewelry focused on creating awareness around bullying and also donating proceeds from the jewelry sales to the Amanda Todd Legacy Foundation. Here's the Campaign Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uJasyIBiuO8 Here's a link to … [Read more...]

Blog Mastery Workshop @ MWorkLab

Blog Mastery Workshop

  Would you like to take your blog to the next level? Are you struggling with a lack of readers and inconsistent income as a blogger? Would you like to create and implement a Blog Monetization Blueprint? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, make sure you register for our Blog Mastery Workshop at MWorkLab this Saturday, July 26, 2014 from 10 am - 6 pm. We will … [Read more...]

Ford Escape


Lately, our family has been thinking of getting a new car. Our 2005 Honda Civic has outgrown itself since we now have two young kids and have to carry a double stroller around. Our dilemma is should we move from a family car or sedan to a mini-van or sedan. Since the Ford Escape is the best selling SUV in Canada, I had to do a review of it to see how it compares to other SUVs. Firstly, with a … [Read more...]

Tuskast Icelandic Horse Farm


When writing my book "Wisdom from Daddies", I had the opportunity to interview Christopher Jones about raising his family on a farm. Christopher and his wife Nathaly own Tuskast Icelandic Horse Farm in Abbotsford. I organized a group of five lucky bloggers to do a Ride & Wine (one hour of horse-riding and one hour of wine tasting). The horse riding was super fun - a little scary at first but tons … [Read more...]